A snake party is an idea that was until recently thought of as totally insane and outrageous. However in the 1970's Australian snake man Ray Hoser pioneered the idea of snake parties as a means to entertain and educate his closest friends.
Of course the curiosity got the better of them and they also wanted to see the snake man's other animals, which have variously included pretty mjuch everything you can imagine, including crabs, octopus, lizards, bats, crocodiles, frogs, toads, birds, echidnas, possums and more.
Then of course the friends wanted their friends to see the animals and soon Raymond was taking his mobile wildlife display to friends of friends of friends!
And so the concept of educational reptile parties was born.
Following the publication of the Smuggled books in the 1990's governments across Australia were forced to change their restrictive wildlife llaws to allow privare individuals such as Ray Hoser to keep native species of animal and to educate others about them.
This is when the commercial enterprise of reptile parties was first born. Of course the business competitors of Hoser, at the time the government-run zoos who had enforced the draconian ban on private ownership for the previous 20 years were opposed to enything Hoser did. Adter all, it encroached on their ill-gotten monopoly in terms of the wildlife business. Yes that's all it is to these people. So the idea of a kids reptile party or snake parties was openly derided and lampooned by zoo officials and others in the reptile business.
Hoser held his guns and went further and even registered the trademark reptile parties. At the time he registered them, no one objected to the registration, as no one else was doing reptile show parties.
Of course when money gets involved, things change rapidly and so it was with the reptile parties business.
Other less scrupulous people decided to move in on Hoser's carefully created reptile parties business and set themselves up under a variety of competing brand names.
But with unmatched expertise on all things animal and a perfect safety record spanning many decades, the general public only wanted to deal with the best and this was Ray Hoser.
In order to try to snare some of Hoser's clients, the unethical moperators made false complaints to about Hoser to the government regulators, the upshot being illegal armed raids on his home and business and even being closed down on false pretexts twice. Of course this forced established clients to go elsewhere. However when Hoser was back in business, the public again sought the highest quality and again Hoser's business boomed at the expense of the inexperienced imitators. To shore up their ailing businesses, the imitators then engaged in other illegal tactics to undermine the successful Hoser business. They engaged in optimising webpages to come up in search for Hoser and his registered trademarks. So if you do a search for reptile party, reptile parties, snake man or similar and you don't get Ray Hoser's business, then you are being lied to and duped by a ruthless business competitor. Most people wouldn't want to have a liar entertaining their children and so the same applies to snake party shows as well. If it's not the snake man and you are in Melbourne, wanting snake parties for your next kids birthday party event, then you are probably putting your kids at risk.