Kids parties.

Melbourne is a cosmopolitan city of over 4 million people and growing fast. Also growing fast is the huge range of party and entertainment options for families and parents with young kids. Childrens parties have never been as diverse and varied as now.
One of the most popular options are the wildlife shows, animal farms and reptile show entertainers doing the rounds. There is only one genuine reptile party out there and that is the Ray Hoser variety. He invented the idea and that is why he owns the trademarks reptile parties and all the relevant variants. If you see anyone else besides his company marketing themselves as reptile parties, either oipenly or via the dishonst practice of black hat SEO, you have an imposter on your hands. Would you really want a liar in your home with your kids?
Fortunately, the snake man Ray Hoser has a number of excellent staff and when it comes to doing parties in Melbourne, they are able to service many clients at the same time. Notwithstanding this, they do get busy and this is especially the case in the warmer months. So the advice is simple, book early! Having said that, if the snake man and his crew are not booked out, you can try for a last minute booking as well.
The imitators of Hoser's reptile parties range from reasonably OK, to downright terrible, which is not what you want for birthdays at all, but that is the risk you take when you are not dealing with Australia's bst reptiles shows.
The Hoser parties are the only hands on reptiles shows where people can handle the animals. Imposter wildlife and animal display outfits have a philosophical hatred of the concept that people should ever mix with so-called wild animals and perfer to see people look at them from a distance or when the animals are confined to a cage.
School teachers and educators prefer the hands-on experience of the Hoser displays and this reflects in why others seek to bootleg Hoser's registered trademarks to steal his customer base. It is a case of others being unable or unwilling to match Hoser's higher standards.
Kids parties in Melbourne with the genuine reptile party show are a hard act to beat. Hoser and his magnificent team have a legendary way with both kids and animals and a sense of humor that usually takes the party to a higher level. On rare occasions a joke may fall flat or offend, so as a word of warning, if you don't have a sense of humor, either don't get the snake man into your place, or alternatively, warn the handers as to what things are off-limits in terms of what can and cannot be said.
Even humorless people prefer the safest option and so it makes sense to deal with the snake man and his crew, rather than an imitator who doesn't take safety seriously and may put kids and adults at risk.
As to how long a reptile party takes, it is a question one cannot find a good answer for. Most people work on a full hour and everything above that is treated as a bonus. For young kids, aged 5 and under, the entertainment of the kids may scrape in at slightly under the hour, at say 55 minutes, but for everyone else, the entertainment rarely stops short of 60 minutes and while most reptile party show entertainment usually lasts just over an hour, ninety minutes is not uncommon. At the end of the incursion display the handler usually has difficulty getting the crocodiles and snakes and the rest of the critters off the people handling them, rather than there being any haste to hand them back. Also as far as food and the like are concerned, while protocols suggest people wash their hands before eating, the reality is that the animals are usually far cleaner than the kids. In fact they are usually fumigated upon return to the snake man's facility at the end of the day.