Melbourne is fortunate to be large enough to support a unique business that educates people with live reptile displays.
Ray Hoser's reptile show business is called Snake busters and his crew travel across Victoria to entertain and educate people about Australia's unique wild animals. While there are a number of travelling mobile wildlife displays, Hoser's is the only one that allows people to hold the animals. None of the others do this. This amazing fact was established in legal proceedings in 2008, when all other displayers, including the government owned zoo campaigned against Hoser's legal right to let people handle the animals.
At the end of the case, Hoser was allowed to let people continue to handle the animals at his company's displays.
Ray Hoser is globally known as the snake man and it is venomous snakes he is perhaps best known for. However Hoser's expertise goes way beyond this. In fact no one on the planet has an acaemic pedigree with snakes and reptiles in general that matches that of Ray Hoser.
While he has published many hundreds of definitive scientific papers, those he is best known for are the over 100 he has published of a taxonomic nature. That is those papers where he scientifically describes and names new speciesm genera and the like.
For most scientists, to have discovered a single species of vertebrate is regarded as an achievement. For Ray Hoser, such an achievement is common place. He has named well over 200 species and genera of snake, a greater total than anyone else born in the last 150 years. These haven't just been the venomous kinds either. Across almost all major groups of snakes, ranging from Australian Death Adders to African Cobras, to blind snakes globally, indonesian pythons, Madagascan Boas, Asiatic file snakes, new world rattlesnakes, tree snakes and almost everything in between, he has named specis or genera for the first time. Hoser has also named species of turtle and many lizards as well, the result being it is rare to find a recent definitive book on reptiles that doesn't cite Hoser as an authority.
It is this expertise that underpins all Hoser's reptile show displays. It is this expertise that no one else can match. It doesn't just reflect in Hoser himself however. It is seen by the immaculate health and condition of his snakes and other reptiles, his ability to confidently and accurately answer questions about all kinds of animal and wildlife, letting others benefit from this expertise.
Schools obviously demand Hoser and his team at incursions as no teacher wants to be a party to giving their kids wrong information via an experienced imitator who literally guesses at answers to questions they cannot answer.
While wrong information about some things is not terribly important, when it comes to venomous snakes and the like, this is not the case. A wrong answer here can be fatal!
Because Hosers crew are always busy, if you want to book a reptile show and give kids the best education in Melbourne you should contact his firm to book as soon as you can. He takes calls at most sensible hours, and the general advice is that if you can't get Hoser, don't waste time with an imitator. Instead try for a time and date the real snake man is available.