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It has often been said that anyone who handles dangerously venomous snakes for a living must be crazy. Then this means someone who does this for pleasure must be even crazier! The snake man Ray Hoser, shown in the image on this page is as crazy as they come. He's spent over 50 years handling snakes and other dangerous animals and is now widely regarded as the world's leading expert on all things snake. As seen here in the image on this page, he can pick up handfuls of Inland Taipans, the world's most deadly snake as if they are tame little pussycats (ignore the two black snakes that sneaked into the picture as well!). No one else besides the snake man can do this. But this photo isn't any one-off shot for a webpage with a few drugged out snakes but in fact what he does every day of his life. That is handling fully fanged and active venomous snakes every single day. Ray Hoser is known in Australia for his unmatched reptile shows and wildlife displays as well as his skills and unrivalled perfect safety record. In terms of reptiles, he is known as the expert among experts. Ray Hoser is Australia's snake man and he's taught snake handlers in all parts of Australia as well as overseas.
Within herpetological (reptile) circles, he is the man everyone goes to for advice on all things reptilian and especially the venomous ones. In fact no one in the world has a scientific pedigree with venomous and dangerous snakes that matches that of Ray Hoser.
While he has published many hundreds of definitive scientific papers and contributed to countless others, those he is best known for are the over 100 he has published of a taxonomic nature. That is those papers where he formally names new species, genera and the like, those names being used by scientists in their nomenclature everywhere.
For most scientists, to have discovered and named a single species of vertebrate is regarded as quite an achievement and something to boast about. For Ray Hoser, such an achievement is common place. He has named well over 200 species and genera of snake, a greater total than anyone else born in the last 150 years and leading to jealous rivals complaining that he has named too many species. These species named by Hoser haven't just been the venomous ones either. Across almost all major groups of snakes, ranging from Australian Death Adders to African Spitting Cobras, water snakes, to blind snakes on all major landmasses, American Garter Snakes, African Mole Snakes, Indonesian pythons, Hog-nosed snakes, Madagascan Boas, Asiatic file snakes, new world rattlesnakes, tree snakes, middle american pitvipers, Puff Adders, Gaboon Vipers, Middle-east vipers, King Brown Snakes, Japanese elapids and almost everything in between, he has named species or genera for the first time. Among these are the world's longest snake, the Asiatic Broghammerus named by Hoser in 2004 and recognized everywhere as the Giant Reticulated Python. Ray Hoser has also named different kinds of turtle and numerous iconic lizards as well, the result being it is unusual to find a recent major book on reptiles that does not rely on Ray Hoser as an authority for the purposes of citing his earlier works. Then of course, Hoser's own books are also regarded as being the best of the best and he's written nine of them!
It is this expertise that underpins all Ray Hoser's childrens reptile shows that makes school teachers as well as mums and dads go for the best every time.
It is also this very same expertise that underpins Ray Hoser and his top-rated snake handling courses. In a Hoser course you get taught the best, by the best and in the best way. In fact Hoser even got the registered trademark to say his courses are the best, because everyone else in herpetology was unanimous in saying Hoser was the best. With venomous snakes, taking risks isn't just costly, but it can even be fatal. That's why people are advised to do the best snake handling course the first time, rather than go through an inexperienced imitator and have to be retrained later on.
Everyone knos that it is harder to retrain someone that teach someone the correct way to do things the first time.
Ray Hoser does snake handling courses for individuals in his home town of Melbourne in Victoria. However he does courses for groups and has taught people in and from pretyy much every corner of the globe, including the United States of America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, and pretty much everywhere in Australia including New South Wales, Queensland, the Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania and the ACT.
While various providers do snake courses and training lasting up to a week, the snake man prefers an intensive one day course. The best snake handling course in the country includes all you need to be able find, catch and be able to handle a snake as a professional snake handler and without anyone getting hurt.
Now you cannot get better than that!!