Removal and control.

Melbourne is one of the colder and wetter parts of Australia so it doesn't have a reputation for being a snake hot spot. And yes, compared to places like Sydney, Darwin or Brisbane, this is most certainly true.
However the difference between Melbourne and most of Victoria as compared to these other cites is that all the snakes here are venomous. In other words if you see a snake on your property here, the chances are it can kill you!
The most commonly encountered snakes here are all of the very dangerous kinds, being brown, tiger and copperhead, with Tigers most common in the inner suburbs, Copperheads in the cooler south-east and Browns the main snake in the north-western suburbs of Melbourne in the general region of the Maribrynong River, all the way to Sunbury.
For most people a snake snake sighting is a rare thing and as a rule the snake will disappear if it is left alone to move on. However sometimes there arises a need to remove snakes from homes and gardens. This may be because you own a pet at risk of a bite, have young kids who may not be sensible enough not to pick it up, or perhaps you may have an elderly resident in the area who may not see the snake before they tread on it.
Then you should call in an expert handler. Now when I say expert, I mean someone who really knows their stuff and not just a wannabe expert who has seen five minutes of a reality TV show about snakes or similar.
A snake expert is one who can capture and handle the snake in a safe manner and neither injure themself or the snake.
Snake removal is not always easy. More often than not the snake has fled long before the snake removalist arrives and so he or she must have the skill to find the snake. Ray Hoser is Australia's snake man and he's taught snake handlers in all parts of Australia as well as overseas.
Within herpetological (reptile) circles, Hoser is known as the expert's expert. He is the man everyone goes to for advice on all things reptilian and especially the venomous ones. In fact no one in the world has a scientific pedigree with venomous snakes and reptiles in general that matches that of Ray Hoser.
While he has published many hundreds of definitive scientific papers, those he is best known for are the over 100 he has published of a taxonomic nature. That is those papers where he formally names new species, genera and the like, those names being used by scientists in their nomenclature everywhere.
For most scientists, to have discovered and named a single species of vertebrate is regarded as quite an achievement. For Ray Hoser, such an achievement is common place. He has named well over 200 species and genera of snake, a greater total than anyone else born in the last 150 years and leading to jealous rivals complaining that he has named too many species. These species named by Hoser haven't just been the venomous ones either. Across almost all major groups of snakes, ranging from Australian Death Adders to African Spitting Cobras, water snakes, to blind snakes on all major landmasses, American Garter Snakes, Indonesian pythons, Madagascan Boas, Asiatic file snakes, new world rattlesnakes, tree snakes, middle american pitvipers, King Brown Snakes and almost everything in between, he has named species or genera for the first time. Among these are the world's longest snake, Broghammerus named by Hoser in 2004 and recognized everywhere as the Giant Reticulated Python. Ray Hoser has also named different kinds of turtle and numerous iconic lizards as well, the result being it is unusual to find a recent major book on reptiles that does not rely on Ray Hoser as an authority for the purposes of citing his earlier works. Then of course, Hoser's own books are also regarded as being the best of the best and he's written nine of them!
It is this expertise that underpins all Ray Hoser's kids reptile parties that makes mums and dads go for the best every time. It is this expertise that no one else can remotely match and becomes important in the snake catching arena. After all if you are paying someone to come and capture a snake to be removed, you want to make sure they can find it and then grab it when it flees.
The expertise of Ray Hoser and the snake handlers he's trained is unmatched and whether its to have a snake caught or to have a snake handling course done so that you or someone else can catch a snake instead, it makes sense to get taught the right way the first time! In Melbourne, the snake man works as a snake catcher and reptile handler all hours to do his work as a reptile removalist and he is only ever a phone call away. He can be contacted on 98123322 and his rates are very reasonable and that's especially when all the risks are considered. Ray Hoser doesn;t regard the snakes as a risk, because his expertise all but eliminates that, but where the risk comes from is driving to get the snake and dealing with corrupt money-grabbing coppers on the way.
Anyone who has spent time in Melbourne knows that if you are a drug dealer, rap;ist or murderer, you can operate with police protection, but if you are an innocent law-abiding motorist, expect to be hounded and harassed to bankruptcy.
By the way the bst way to keep snakes out of your property is to keep all the rubbish away and clean up any that may be lying around.