Kids love animals!
But besides the boring cats and dogs and the like, everything else is usually too rare or hard to find or too dangerous to let any child near. An obvious expeption to this is a kids reptile show. These are usually safe and can be an alternative entertainment and education option for kids of almost any age. Whether its for childrens birthday parties, school holiday program entertainment or as a cheaper alternative to a trip to the big city zoo, a reptile show is a great way to get the children thoroughly engaged. Reptile parties was an idea first invented by the snake man Raymond Hoser and that is why he now owns all the relevant reptile party type trademarks. However ownership and registration of trademarks hasn't stopped thieves from bootlegging his idea and doing their own travelling reptile shows. With a plethora of allegedly experienced reptile parties now vying for business in Melbourne many people out there are now confused as to who is who in the zoo, literally!!!
Having said this, there is only one genuine reptile parties company and that is Ray Hoser and his Melbourne reptile show company called Snakebusters. They own the registered trademarks as they invented the idea and by law, the others should be marketing themselves as something else and using another word or phrase to describe themselves.
One company is a serial bootlegger of the Hoser trademarks, so he should perhaps trademark himself as the bootleg reptile show, while another money hungry police-protected criminal uses killer tongs to attack reptiles and so he could call himself the tong killer!
The history of the reptile parties idea is even more interesting.
You see when Ray Hoser fist came up with the idea way back in the 1970's he was lampooned by all and sundry as an idot and told that the idea would never take off.
Now there are imitators in all parts of the world, including every state of Australia, the United States of America, the UK, Europe, South Africa and elsewhere. In Asia the whole snake charmer show has been going for years and now there as well you see richer families are getting in a mobile reptile show for their kids parties.
In Melbourne, Australia, where the whole reptile party idea began, Ray Hoser's displays remain the only ones that are actually hands on. That is they let people hold the animals. More recently other companies have marketed themselves as being hands on as well in order to steal Hoser's established clients, but there is a significant difference in the two. Hoser's shows let the kids hold the animals. For the others, their hands on means that the kids can pat the animals and no more.
Hoser registered the trademark hands on reptiles some years back to stop misleading and deceptive conduct by the imitators, but some of them are police-protected criminals and so have't been charged, even though they are operating outside of the fair trading act and other laws. As a parent you need to ask yourself, would like your kids exposed to someone who lies and breaks the law to get your business?
In other words, if you don't deal with Hoser's firm snake busters, you may be taking a risk!
And while talking about risk, and reptile shows, while there have been lots of bites, deaths and accidents over the years, snake busters stands alone in having an unmatched perfect safety record spanning more than 32 years in the reptile education business and after being seen by millions of people. In other words, if you want the best kids reptile show in Melbourne, for your next snake party, birthday parties or the like, there is only one choice.