If you want to give your kids the ultimate childrens birthday party, there are a number of choices.
The activity can be indoor or out, but in Melbourne the act of having faith in the weather is a brave thing indeed!
Fortunately there are a number of options that can be done indoors or out and wildlife displays are one of them. These days there are a number of mobile zoos doing the rounds across Victoria and they range in qlaity from good to bad. For the uninitiated it is worth going through a few of the variables. Some companies do what's known as a mobile zoo. Like a zoo these outfits have animals in cages. They are otherwise called boring static displays, because the display is static and they are boring because the animals invariably hide in the corner of the cage to avoid being seen. In terms of a kids party, the boring static display is both boring for the kids and downright cruel on the animals. Invariably sugar laden kids can be seen thumping the glass front of the cage to try to get a movement or reaction from the traumatised animal. Most kids are lucky if they get a glmpse of the head or tail of whatever is in the case. The next option to this is the so-called interactive display. This is where a displayer comes along with a series of animals, usually being mainly reptiles, and they do a show-and-tell for each kind. On rare occasions they may pass an animal raround to be touched or patted by the guests.
However the best kids party of all in Melbourne is where they get a hands on reptile show at the childrens birthday party and they are able to hold the animals as well. Only one company does this and this is Ray Hoser's firm. Hoser is better known as the snake man and it is for good reason he has the registered trademark globally. No one knows more about snakes than him!
Within herpetological circles, Hoser is known as the expert's expert. he is the man everyone goes to for advice on all things reptilian. In fact no one in the world has a scientific pedigree with snakes and reptiles in general that matches that of Ray Hoser.
While he has published many hundreds of definitive scientific papers, those he is best known for are the over 100 he has published of a taxonomic nature. That is those papers where he formally names new species, genera and the like, those names being used by scientists everywhere.
For most scientists, to have discovered a single species of vertebrate is regarded as an achievement. For Ray Hoser, such an achievement is common place. He has named well over 200 species and genera of snake, a greater total than anyone else born in the last 150 years. These haven't just been the venomous ones either. Across almost all major groups of snakes, ranging from Australian Death Adders to African Spitting Cobras, to blind snakes on all major landmasses, indonesian pythons, Madagascan Boas, Asiatic file snakes, new world rattlesnakes, tree snakes and almost everything in between, he has named species or genera for the first time. Among these are the world's longest snake, Broghammerus named by Hoser in 2004 and recognized everywhere as the Reticulated Python. Ray Hoser has also named different kinds of turtle and many lizards as well, the result being it is unusual to find a recent major book on reptiles that does not rely on Ray Hoser as an authority for the purposes of citing his earlier works. Then of course, Hoser's own books are also regarded as being the bst of the best and he's written nine of them!
It is this expertise that underpins all Ray Hoser's kids reptile parties that makes mums and dads go for the best every time. It is this expertise that no one else can remotely match.
The expertise of Ray Hoser and his personally trained team doesn't just reflect in Hoser himself however. It is seen by the immaculate health, condition and wellbeing of all his animals, his ability to confidently and accurately answer questions about all kinds of wildlife. This allows kides and the mums and dads to gain from this expertise.
Schools obviously want Hoser and his team at incursions in preference to all imitators as no teacher wants to be a party to giving their kids wrong information via an experienced displayer who literally guesses at answers to questions they cannot answer and may end up giving our wrong information.
While wrong information about some things is not terribly important, when it comes to venomous snakes and the like, this is not the case. A wrong answer here can result in deathl!
The Hoser team are always in demand so if you want to book the best birthday show in Melbourne you should contact his firm to book as soon as decide you want a kids reptile party or wildlife show for any other occasion. He takes calls at most times of the day as one of his other roles is as Melbourne's only 24/7 snake removals company. Thus the advice is that if you can't get Hoser, don't waste time with an inexperienced imitator. Instead try for a time and date the real snake man and his team can give you and your kids the reptile party they deserve.